Residential house of Dr. Mohammad Moin and Amir Jahed

About This Project


Municipality of Tehran ( District 12 )

Architect and Project Manager

Farzad Rostamifar

Repair plan provided

Farzad Rostamifar, Hadi Ghorbani

Construction Supervision

Mohammad Hadi Alizadeh

Mechanical Utilities executed

Shamsodin Rahimzadeh

Electrical Utilities executed

Kianoosh Naraghi Pour




Ali Ahmadi Khatir, Arash Farzandi, Alineh Nazarian, Hamid Gha- semi Rad, Neda Alavi


Bayazid Bastami St, Chaharsad dastgah Sq. Piroozi Aveneue. Tehran.Iran

Descriptive Informations:

M.moein & Amir jahed mansions with different historical period are located in one urban block

of Pirouzi avenue adjacent to chaharsad dastgah SQ ,which is one of the most pronounced elements of Tehran city in the historical period of urban growth in iran.

Amir Jahed mansion was constructed at the end of Pahlavi era which representing elements of traditional iranian ar- chitetcure such as central pool with surrounding gardens, symmetrical balance and etc.

Mohammad Moeen mansion was constructed at the middle of second Pahlavi era with evidence of modern architet- cure.

connection between two buildings has been made via staircase to adopt existing buildings to compatibale new uses whilst maintaining their original character.

Given mansions are the former house of two famous scholar of Persian literature, therefore by preserving the structures ,we are able to share the very spaces and enviroments in which these two great people lived before And also it is a visual and tangible conservation of our cultural identity.

Since the building play a cultural role,It can be used for modern pourposes and activities

suchas:cultural center,museum and research center .

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