Mohammad Shahr villa in Karaj

About This Project

The design concept of MohammadShahr’s villa is a response to client’s demand of extreme loading of the lot with building volumes with a modern approach that creates a unique mass which is integrated into its surroundings.

Corresponding to this demand has been achieved by covered recreational and day and night spaces expanded horizontally through the building.

In details, nostalgic elements such as wooden joists and brick walls symbolizing the traditional materials used in Iranian houses have been simulated despite the modern style of the building. This dilemma and dialectic between the opposites is a quality that allows the client to live in a familiar space in peace and relaxation.

Integrating dinning space, library and salon adjacent to a pool and staircase has expanded the conception of the spaces further from its true dimensions.

The simple volume of the adjacent parent’s suite which has access from within and outside the building created the possibility of playful volume composition of the building sections.

In other words, the flow of function between the spaces in the building and outside spaces with preservation of existing plantation created a final outcome that is at the same time modern and nostalgic, brutal and gentle, unique and familiar.


Araz Zoorcheng

Project Architect and Manager

Farzad Rostamifar

Structural Designer

Alireza Jalilund

Architectural design colleagues

Mehdi Zandpour – Alireza Shahamatnejad


Makan Habibi

Design of electrical and mechanical facilities

Abbas Zainal Abedinzadeh – Hamid Reza




Araz ZooRcheng


Mohammad Shahr Karaj

3D Design

Architectural projects