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Soomeh Engineers Company

Established 1992

About the soomeh

The design of the Soomeh logo is designed according to the nature of the company’s activities, which are in the field of restoration and restoration of historical buildings and textures, and in explaining the concept of limit and end.

What does Soomeh mean?

Soomeh literally means end and limit and side.

Awards, achievements, appreciation

What is the goal ?

Soomeh Engineers Company was established in 1992 and started its activities in the fields of Sohri designer of interior architecture and historical buildings. At present, the company employs 5 architects, 2 structural engineers, 5 historical restorers, 1 engineer, 1 electrical engineer, 1 mechanical engineer and 35 Expert and technician have been working in the above departments and so far has carried out special projects such as the re-alignment of Bank Melli in Hassanabad Square, etc.

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